More addicting than your favorite TV show

Not in the Script - Amy Finnegan

Thank you to Bloomsbury Children's and NetGalley for the review copy! Having received one did not affect my views of the novel in any way.

When I read the blurb for Not in the Script, I knew I had to read it. HOLLYWOOD. It's one of my auto-read topics. Hollywood romance? That even sets it higher in the priority list. Hollywood teen romance? OH GIMME THAT NOW AND DON'T TALK TO ME FOR HALF A DAY. Which is what happened with Not in the Script. I read it immediately after getting it and only resurfaced after bouts of giggling giddiness and swooning and yet another crush on a fictional boy. And a girl crush on a fictional girl. Oh, the glee this book has brought me during my slump!

So to make this a tad bit easier for me, I'll just list the reasons why you should read Not in the Script in 3... 2... 1...!

1. Hollywood. Duh. But even better, we get a view of the process and all the tabloid nonsense (and sometimes, the truth) in here. We're not dealing with a film production, but with a TV show. Love it! From auditions, test screens, lessons, awards, getting back in the public's good graces, having your mom as your manager, wanting to do your own thing, dating a co-star, so many topics were covered! Especially for a Hollywood fiend like me, this is gold.

2. Emma frickin' Taylor. Geez, Emma's such a sweetheart but she's also sarcastic and witty and totally... NORMAL. It's like she's not this amazing actress and all that. Sometimes, while reading the book, I even forgot that she and Jake were celebrities. They're just doing their best on their job and it so happens that some of the problems they face where of Hollywood in nature. But the rest? Purely personal. Plus, Emma finished her high school early and she's taking college classes. A girl who puts as much importance to education when she can just ditch it gets so much awe from me.

Moreover, I love love how Emma's issue before filming started is that she's gonna act with her Ultimate Crush Brett Crawford. A star has a huge crush on another star! So cute. To the point that he's her wallpaper. I guess that's why I can relate so much to Emma. It's because I'm such a fangirl and she is too!

3. College age! They are all college-aged and thank you! I mean, I know, I'm reading YA and I shouldn't be giving extra points to books that I can relate to more because of the characters' ages but I can't help it! I was reveling while I was reading it because yay, college woes!

4. Okay, I won't prolong this any longer but JAKE "THE BOD" ELLIOTT. What a gentleman, which greatly contrasts with Brett's asshole tendencies (more on that later), what a sweet and filial son, what a determined and dedicated and smart person, I mean, I can go on and on. But I don't want you to think that I'm completely being over the moon with this book just because of a boy (although mostly it's Jake's plain awesomeness that made me like this) so I'll just say that Jake is worth knowing so YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK.

5. Side characters! Oh boy, the joy I had with all the side characters. Sure, Brett was in over his head most of the time and he was kind of a dick, but I am fairly sure that we can unearth more of how deep his character is if given the chance. Those glimpses in the book hinted at more and AMY!! Please write a book with Brett as a main character? Please? Or maybe just a short story? I actually really really like Brett, in that, I like to read bad boys with issues. Kimmi was such a stereotypical diva though but she entertained me and I like her plot arc too.

6. But really, the conflicts were gold. Emma has been burned too many times from dating her co-stars. But Jake seems different. Could it be different this time? Jake's mother needs him but he needs to work too. How can he balance everything? Emma's mom as her manager isn't working anymore. How can she fire her mom as her manager? There are a whole lot more that tackles college, business, career, friendships, family, everything. Not in the Script is so jam-packed but in the best way because there's enough time for everything, nothing is rushed but nothing is taking too long either. Amy Finnegan sure knows how to toe that line.

7. Lastly, of course, the ROMANCE. This review has become too long but JUST. READ. IT. Haha, I'm such a tease!

Amy Finnegan's Not in the Script is even more addicting than your favorite TV show. You'll empathize and root for Emma the whole ride, swoon not only from Jake's hotness but contract diabetes from his sweetness and all around honesty and humility. Most fiction books set in Hollywood play all the stereotypes and tropes to an exaggeration but in here, it feels like we have real people and they're just, oh, you know, worth a million bucks and so famous. I highly recommend Not in the Script for teens and teens at heart. Have fun!