Magic words to make my blood boil: His Reverie

His Reverie - Monica  Murphy

Thank you to Monica Murphy, Kelly Simmon of InkSlinger PR and NetGalley for the review copy in exchange for an honest review.

I had fits to strangle someone while reading this book. Too sad and too bad because this is my first book by Monica Murphy and I was pumped to read it because I've been wanting to try her books. The blurb intrigued me because WHY CAN'T THEY BE TOGETHER so I eagerly started it. Oh boy, the disappointment. It didn't help that I just read a book with the same set-up which was obviously better than HIS REVERIE. So what exactly did I abhor about this book?

In one word: Reverie. Oh goodness, I hated Reverie's character. Too naive, too it's-been-my-dream-to-fall-in-love kind of girl. Aaaaaaa, I was so frustrated with her character!! I appreciated the Murphy writing this in both Nick and Rev's perspectives but Rev's was written in a diary format. She's just too childish and innocent (in that grating way but not that being innocent is bad) then she just turned into a sexy kitten where Nick is involved. I mean, sure, everyone expects her to be shy and clueless and I get that she's not that. She's just sheltered and inexperienced but really, she went from very naive and innocent to being super game and a go-getter. Plus, I like my heroines to not be damsels in distress. Confession: I mostly skimmed Reverie's half of the book because I absolutely cannot stand her.

Then we have Nick. Honestly, since this is only a mature young adult book, Nick gets a pass from me with all his angst. I know, what a double standard, but I love angst and brokenness in YA but I hate it in NA. What he went through was intense and harrowing. However, I don't like it felt like he was only ruled by his dick. He just saw Rev and WOAH. Tsk tsk. I mean, sure, teenagers are always horny but it was always about lust then a bit of how Rev is different and amazing and all that. I need more than that. I need to understand why you two are falling in love.

The most irritating thing in here is the noble idiocy. UGH. Oh no, the most irritating thing with HIS REVERIE is that I still want to read the next book because I wanna know what happens. GAH, I hate it.

Anyway, so, I only recommend this if you're a big fan of Monica Murphy and I don't know who'll enjoy this. The writing was good but I just can't stomach everything else. I'm so sorry for being so mean but I read this a month ago but my blood is still boiling while writing this review!