Utterly beautiful

Inland - Kat Rosenfield

INLAND is utterly beautiful, with an absolutely stunning prose. It is the poignant tale of women powerless to the sea, ending up sucked into its hungry mouth, even as they helplessly claw to cling inland, trying to build roots that will never hold. Not when your love is as present, now and forever, and as powerful as the ocean. As Callie finds the sea insidious, one will find Rosenfield's words calling out to them, begging to be read without stopping. INLAND will sweep you away into the tide, swallow you up whole into its deep, murky depths, drown you in the eerily creepy atmosphere Rosenfield has masterfully weaved, and then let you float up changed. It is reminiscent of Elizabeth Fama's MONSTROUS BEAUTY, all at once both chillingly dark and poetically sublime. I highly recommend INLAND to fans of E. Lockhart, Lauren Oliver and Tahereh Mafi.

Source: http://oopsireadabookagain.blogspot.com/2014/08/mini-review-theme-song-inland-by-kat.html